MOTUS High Speed
All advantages...

MOTUS High Speed...

Only advantages - in brief...

  1. Higher capacity (>100%)
  2. Less space
  3. Can weigh long and odd vehicle combinations
  4. Significantly faster weighing
  5. Lower fuel consumption
  6. Lower emissions
  7. Less wear of vehicle and weigh bridge
  8. Indicative weights for all axles
  9. Every axle's relative position

All advantages over static weighing...

  1. The weighing procedure is much faster when a vehicle can drive over the weigh bridge. The capacity increases 1-4 times depending on the circumstances.
  2. The weigh bridge length can be shorter as the entire vehicle does not have to stand still to be accurately weighed. MOTUS High Speed can be installed on weigh bridges down to 4 m length. The weigh bridge's footprint will be significantly smaller.
  3. MOTUS High Speed can weigh short as well as longer equipage's on a weigh bridge 6 m or longer with high accuracy. Odd combinations of axles and bogies are not an obstacle.
  4. It is rather easy to understand that it takes longer time to weigh a truck and hanger if it has to stop twice on a 12 m than if it drives over without stop.
  5. A vehicle which is not forced to stop and start on the weigh bridge consumes much less fuel.
  6. When the fuel consumption is lower the emissions are lower.
  7. The wear on a vehicle which stops and starts on a weigh bridge is much higher than if it just drives over it. The same goes for the weigh bridge - a truck driving over treats it much more gently. MOTUS High Speed saves maintenance cost on vehicles and weigh bridges.
  8. MOTUS High Speed gives indicative weights for all axel weights separately.
  9. MOTUS High Speed gives each individual axle's relative position.

    After installtion of MOTUS High Speed the static function remains untouched.