Utilize Your Scale!!
Drive over the scale without stop!

The weight in the mobile!

When weighed the vehicles weight is connected to its identity (registration plate, RFID etc) automatically. You will see the result in your device - smartphone, tablet or PC - and you can enter necessary data directly in the device (material, customer, supplier, project etc). You don't need expensive and complicated terminals! We call this LSV4000+. You can chose who shall see what - the driver, the scale owner or someone else- LSV4000+ keeps track on all weighings and registrations can be done before or after weighing. Or just don't do anything - prepare all days activities after a few settings - and just drive over the scale and all administration is taken care of automatically. Your choice! 

Weigh sustainable!

The fuel consumption is substantially lower without stopping on the scale - the truck does not have to first stop and then start again! The result is less emissions! Motus can issue a Environmental Diploma based on the saving of fuel and the number of weighings.

Smaller footprint!

If MHS and LSV4000+ are installed when you buy a new scale it is enough with a weigh bridge not longer than 6 m. When you drive over the scale you get al the advantages!

Weigh without stopping - if you like!

MHS enables you to utilize the full capacity of your scale by driving over it in 1-15 km/h. The weighing capacity increases many times and you don't need to install another scale. Or the traffic jams in front of the scale disappears. If you would like to stop on the scale in certain cases you have the option!

Axle weights!

MHS gives you not only the total weight, but also all axle and bogie weights. This is to secure compliance and the regulations within the European Union will be stronger 2021.