We are Motus Weighing
No light weight...

Kristjan Stefansson is working as a sales man on the Swedish market as well as project manager for Motus Weighing installations. Kristjan is an engineer and has worked with weighing during his career and knows technology and regulation well. 


Stefan Valdemarsson

Chief Engineer

Stefan is the father of the technology behind MOTUS High Speed and has worked with weighing in different contexts all his career mainly within the ABB Group. Stefan has operated the predecessor of Motus Weighing AB - ViktorVåg AB - and developed and sold his own weighing equipment and converting technology. 


Phär Oscár


Phär has spent his career in larger multinationals as Ericsson, Facit, Nokia, Stena Metall and CellMark. Phär is an entrepreneur who has developed several businesses and a co-founder of Stena Technoworld purchased by Stena Metall.


Marcus Timmermann

SW/HW engineer

Marcus has a master in computer science with comprehensive experience in hardware and software engineering.

Marcus has worked for a series of companies and organisations, among others Volvo Cars.