Motus awarded updated certificates!


After the successful tests in September performed at Malma Gård in Sweden the British NMO has awarded Motus Weighing's system MHS updated certificates. The OIML R134 certificate as well as the British type approval ("Section 12") have been updated with accuracy classes for single axles and axle groups as well as removal of the length restriction of the weigh bridge.

In brief

  • MHS can be connected to a 5 meter or longer weigh bridge.
  • MHS can officially be used for weighing of single axles and axle groups.

The accuracy in summary

  • Class 0,2 for the total weight, meaning down to +-0,1%
  • Class D for single axles, meaning down to +-2,0%
  • Class B for axle groups, meaning down to 1,0%