Motus business concept

Motus Weighing shall build value for its customers by offering accurate vehicle weighing and automatically provide detailed information from the weighing without a stop, whether for weighing or registration.


About Motus

Motus Weighingis a spin-off from Viktor Våg AB who had developed a unique software that allows you to weigh vehicles with very high accuracy without a stop, which is completely unique in vehicle weighing.

In 2016, Motus Weighing AB was founded to develop, market and support Motus systems. Since 2016 a lot has happened. Motus System has been developed into a market-ready and certified product for automatic weighing and registration.

Motus System is today certified by the British control authority NMO according to OIML R134.

Motus weighing has over 50 years of experience in advanced measurement technology with a focus on precision weighing of vehicles - we know what we are doing! We know IT and software development and have in-depth knowledge of the purely practical in vehicle weighing. It guarantees for customized and functional systems