Optimize Your Weighing!
Axle weights, bogie weights, total weight, separate weights for truck and trailer, no terminals, the weight in the mobile, smaller footprint, higher capacity, shorter weighing time, less fuel consumption, superior accuracy ±0,1%...

Motus saves money for You!

Smaller footprint!

MHS needs only a 6 m weigh bridge!

Higher capacity!

Traffic jam at the scale? MHS increases the capacity 2-5 times and gets rid of traffic jams in front of the scale and maybe allows you to get away with not buying a second scale.

Increase income!

Speed up the weighing and you get time to deliver more!

Shorter time for weighing!

A vehicle drives over the scale and a weighing takes less than 10 s instead of 1-2 minutes.

Less emissions!

The fuel consumption is lower with no stopping on the scale and so are the emissions. In addition wear and tear is lower on scale and vehicles.

Get more out of your scale!

Motus's MHS gives you not only the total weight, but also axle weights, bogie weights and separate weights for truck and trailer.