A Swedish world-unique innovation that streamlines vehicle weighing in a way never before possible - with separate total, axle and axle group weights!

You don't have to stop on the weighbridge which reduces the time needed to a minimum and basically automates the weighing process in your business

Latest News

Motus LSV is now launching a mobile terminal for conventional weigh bridges. With the LSV Mobile Terminal, both the driver and administrative staff have direct access to the weight information in their phone or computer, all to simplify the flow. In addition, you do not have to invest in expensive and complicated, separate terminals.

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Customers and Case Studies

Tamtron Sweden

Traditionally, a dynamic axle scale is used that weighs one axis at a time to produce shoulder weight. It often gives poor accuracy. With Motus Systems, on the other hand, you get shoulder weights, as the weighing is done at the same time as the dynamic weighing as the truck drives over the weighbridge.

Scania Södertälje

All Scania trucks leaving one of Scania's factories have been weighed on the move with the help of Motus Systems. This is done to get accurate weight on each chassis so that transport to the final destinations is as cost-effective as possible.