Motus Weighing
With confirmed functionality by NMi and RISE...

MOTUS High Speed

Conversion to weighing with speed

Hundreds of thousand heavy vehicles are passing over weigh bridges every day all over the world. Almost without exception they all stop once or several times on the scale to be weighed - a new technology can change that by letting the vehicles drive over the scale without stopping. MOTUS High Speed converts static scales, the vehicle needs to stop, to dynamic, where the vehicles can drive over the scale without stopping.

Dynamic weighing has all advantages

Efficient and larger capacity

Static scales can be converted to dynamic, allowing a vehicle to drive over the weigh bridge instead of stopping, by installing MOTUS High Speed. The weighing procedure becomes more efficient by considerable time savings and the capacity will increase enabling more weighings per time unit.

Weighing of heavy vehicles

Commercially and enforcement

Heavy vehicles are weighed for many reasons, i.e. to determine the weight and value of metal scrap, gravel or crop. Haulers and authorities are using scales to make sure that heavy vehicles are compliant with max weight regulations. In most cases the vehicles stop on the scale to enable an accurate weighing result - static weighing.


MOTUS High Speed 

MOTUS High Speed is a technology enabling dynamic weighing av moving vehicles. Dutch NMi and Swedish RISE confirm MHS's function in a test report from autumn 2017 whith the accuracy in focus. The tests were done according to the international standard OIML R134. MOTUS High Speed consists of hard and soft ware to convert a weigh bridge.

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