After the successful tests in September performed at Malma Gård in Sweden the British NMO has awarded Motus Weighing's system MHS updated certificates. The OIML R134 certificate as well as the British type approval ("Section 12") have been updated with accuracy classes for single axles and axle groups as well as removal of the length restriction of...

Motus decided to complete and extend the certificate according to the OIML R134 standard for dynamic truck weighing. British NMO has tested the MHS systems with another extensive round of field tests at Malma Gård in the vicinity of Götene in Sweden. MHS enables a truck to drive over a scale and be weighed with high accuracy.

Motus Weighing's product MHS has been awarded a type approval in the United Kingdom by Brittish NMO (National Measurement Office). The type approval has been issued under "Section 12" in the Brittish regulation and is "legal for trade" in the UK as well as in all Member States of the European Union under the regulation "mutual recognition".

Motus Weighing's product MHS has been awarded with a certificate of the British authority NMO according to the international standard for dynamic weighing of vehicles OIML R134! Thereby MHS is approved for commercial use in all OIML's member countries.

The rather comprehensive tests performed by NMO (see below) went well, but it will take another while before a report is submitted.

During several days the British National Measure Office (NMO) has tested MHS at Malma Gård in Sweden. The tests are performed according to the international standard OIML R134 which are used for vehicle weighing without stopping - or dynamic weighing which is the technical term. Several vehicle combinations are tested - loaded and unloaded - and...

Today Motus completed, together with the partner Precia-Molen, the installation of a shorter weigh bridge (6 m) at Scania's production facility in Södertälje, Sweden. It enables Scania to weigh all produced chassis without stopping. All transports from Scania will also be weighed - both total weight and axle weights.

The first version of Motus Weighing's IT-system for identifying, registration and administration och weighing results is ready!

The Swedish Patent Office (PRV) has approved yet another Motus Weighing patent today covering a part of the methods Motus uses to calculate very accurate weighing results.