Motus Systems - rational weighing on the move

Motus Systemis a Swedish, world-unique and patented system that optimizes and refines your weighing data that your weighbridge delivers, and our technology makes it possible to rationalize virtually the entire weighing process in your flow.

We do this by turning your vehicle scales into a fully automatic, integrated weighing system where you simply drive over the scales without stop to catch the weigh - something previously not possible to do with high accuracy (with Motus as low as ± 0.1% deviation).

During the weighing, the vehicle is identified by VRM (License plate) or RFID and the weighing result is automatically linked to the vehicle. This allows the driver to directly provide necessary information such as cargo, project, customer etc. but also obtain vital information such as total, bogie and axle weights.

With Motus System, your weighing process is radically automated and integration directly into your business system which results in no need to invest and maintain expensive and complicated terminals.

In addition to the above, there are a host of other benefits of the Motus Systems, read more about these under Benefits below or contact us for a discussion

MHS is a part of Motus Systems and are  certified by Brittish NMO according to the international standard OIML R134 for automatic weighing.