Motus Systems in detail

Motus Systems connects to your weighbridge and uses patented processes to produce the weighing results - total weight, axle weights, axle group weights and separate weights for truck and trailer. It's all about advanced physics and math - it's very easy to describe what Motus Systems does, but the more difficult it really is.

Once you have decided to invest in Motus Systems, we will install the hardware as soon as possible. What we install on site is Motus Systems junction box and vehicle identification camera, we will in most cases also replace your existing weight indicator with a state-of-the-art indicator with highest performance if necessary to ensure that the function is the absolute best when weighing .

Our unique software handles all calculations and immediately sends complete weighing data to the driver's phone and to your business system. Motus Systems works just as well with your existing weighbridge as with a new one. No rebuilding is necessary but Motus Systems works in parallel with your existing equipment, which means that you can continue to weigh stationary if you wish.

Motus Systems is a completely maintenance-free system, which means that in addition to the usual verifications and service of the physical weighbridge, load cells etc. you do not need to do anything. Should there be something wrong or it is time for a software update, we do all such over internet, which means that there will normally be no interruption in production at all.